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Recently Activities AvaxTech and ATECH Token are the latest updates.

ATECH Token Stake smart contract and finance.avaxtech.org/stake feature launched.
t.me/EthereumAnalyzerBot V1 Released.
A preliminary introduction of our Multi-Chain Analyzer subsidiary purpLab was made.
Artificial Intelligence support program for Avax token analysis systems has been launched. (BETA PREVIEW)
723 AvaxTech article published on the website.
390,000 ATECH Tokens worth $5,000 were burned.
18 Token Listed on Avaxanalysis.com
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AvaxTech has been established since November 2023 to develop many useful products for the Avax chain. AvaxTech, which has gained a large audience with its first product @AvalancheAnalyzerBot Telegram analysis bot, has succeeded in improving the Avax token ecosystem and protecting Avax token investors against SCAM tokens by detecting 96% of SCAM Tokens.

Following the release of its first product, the Avaxanalysis.com Web Analysis platform, AvaxTech has become a valuable organization not only for Telegram communities, but for all Avax communities and investors.

+10 Products
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SCAM Detection
Token Report
Monk Founder and Dev. Lead
Hello, I'm Monk,
I've been in the #cryptocurrency world for 8 years and I've been making Web3 software for about 4 years. So far, I have taken part in more than 100 projects for product development and idea consultancy.
Meet the Monk.
Analysis Web Platform Avaxanalysis.com
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Chain Avalanche
Users +4,000
Analyze Avax tokens using our product! Get rid of Scam tokens with 96% success rate.
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Blog and News For Better Avax Chain.

03/20/27 03:36 | 843
How Can I Detect SCAM Tokens?

AvaxTech has prepared a detailed article for you on how to identify SCAM tokens in the Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem. In this ar...

03/20/27 01:12 | 569
SCAM Tokenleri Nasıl Tespit Edebilirim?

Avalanche (AVAX) ekosisteminde yer alan tokenlerin SCAM olduklarını nasıl tespit edebileceğiniz konusunda AvaxTech taraf�...

03/27/24 01:07 | 544
What is LAMA $LAMA Token?

Created with a community focus, LAMA $LAMA Token has an important place among other Avax Meme tokens in the Avax ecosystem. L...

03/24/24 01:49 | 720
$LEO: The Playful Companion on the AVAX Chain

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, a new star is rising on the Avalanche (AVAX) network – meet $LEO, the token that’...

03/20/24 22:05 | 509
First $ATECH Token Burn Event!

AvaxTech is preparing for the first burn of $ATECH Tokens! With the event launched on Twitter, it was decided to burn $ATECH ...

03/21/24 15:13 | 522
What is Cat Wif Hands $CATWIF Token?

$CATWIF Token, which was pre-sold through Pinksale before launch, attracted great interest. $CATWIF Token, which was launched...

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