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Telegram Analyzer Bot

Telegram Analyzer Bot is the version of our platform for Telegram. It can be used individually or by adding it to groups.

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About the Bot

AvalancheAnalyzerBot is a Telegram bot created by AvaxTech for analyzing Avax tokens. Users can get detailed information about Avax tokens using AvalancheAnalyzerBot. Liquidity information, liquidity lock information, contract ownership information, risky function information, holders, market data and more details are shown in the analysis results.

🔰 Owner: Provides information about the ownership of the token smart contract.
RENOUNCED: It means that smart contract control is given up.
Unknown: It means that smart contract ownership does not exist or cannot be detected.
0x...: Indicates that smart contract control belongs to a wallet.
💸 MCAP: Shows the Total Market Cap of the Token.
🔥 BURN: It shows what percentage of the total supply of tokens has been burned.
💸 Price: Shows the token price.
📊 Volume (24h): It shows how many dollars the token traded in 24 hours.
💧 Liquidity: It shows how many dollars and how many Avax investments are in the token's pool.
💧 Liquidity Ratio: It shows the percentage of tokens remaining in the token liquidity pool.
🕰 Age: Indicates how long ago the token was launched.
🔒 LP Lock/Burn: It shows the status of the liquidity pool.
Burn Info: "100% LP Burned." It shows that the liquidity pool is burned at 100%.
Lock Info: "100% LP Locked for 174days in UniCrypt." It shows which platform and for how many days 100% of the liquidity pool is locked. (Supported Platform: TeamFinance, PinkSale, UncxNetwork, OnlyMoons)
Unknown: Indicates that the liquidity pool is not locked or is locked on an unsupported platform.
🟡 Options: It detects the functions included in the token smart contract. These functions can be evaluated as low risk, medium risk and very risky. High risk functions are shown as ❗️, low risk functions are shown as ❕.
🎟 Tax: It shows the tax that will be deducted from the person purchasing the token in token trading.
👥 Holders: It shows how many people purchased the token.
💹 Dextools: It shows the status of the token on the Dextools platform. The tokens whose Dextools page is updated include the phrase "Token Page".
🔗 Social: Shows the token's social media accounts and website.

Are the scan results 100% safe?

Although AvalancheAnalyzerBot has a 96% success rate, it never gives 100% reliable results due to evolving smart contract coding and token types! You should always do your own research as well.
Start our bot Proceed by reviewing the necessary instructions. Pass the token smart contract to our bot.

Analysis Product Algorithms

Developed by AvaxTech, our and products were created by the AvaxTech team. In addition to AvaxTech's Web3-based algorithms, help is taken from external API services. API usage includes GoPlus, Dexscreener and Dextools platform APIs. However, smart contract-biased function reviews such as Liquidity, Liquidity Lock, Contract Ownership are examined with the algorithm prepared by AvaxTech.

SMART CONTRACT: The source algorithm for smart contract reviews and SCAM Function scans is not shared publicly as the review criteria remain reliable and validating! Randomly generated codes such as "hxuopl" in smart contracts and external library structures that do not comply with standard Smart Contract codes are detected.