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By accessing detailed information about the products developed by AvaxTech, you can have a better experience in the Avax ecosystem. Access trustworthy tokens and stay away from Scam tokens. Improve your portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use the products?

AvaxTech products are primarily developed for those investing in tokens in the Avax ecosystem and their main purpose is to protect investors against Scam tokens. AvaxTech Analysis products have helped detect +2,000 SCAM Tokens so far and have protected thousands of people's money.
No. Basic use of AvaxTech analysis and investor protection products is completely free. Of course, you may need to be a $ATECH Token investor to benefit from Premium features. But you do not need to pay to detect Scam tokens.
You can get information about the products you want to use by selecting the product from the category. You can use our products in detail thanks to the videos prepared for them. If you still have difficulty using it, you can get support from us by joining our community.

Analysis Product Algorithms

Developed by AvaxTech, our Avaxanalysis.com and t.me/AvalancheAnalyzerBot products were created by the AvaxTech team. In addition to AvaxTech's Web3-based algorithms, help is taken from external API services. API usage includes GoPlus, Dexscreener and Dextools platform APIs. However, smart contract-biased function reviews such as Liquidity, Liquidity Lock, Contract Ownership are examined with the algorithm prepared by AvaxTech.

SMART CONTRACT: The source algorithm for smart contract reviews and SCAM Function scans is not shared publicly as the review criteria remain reliable and validating! Randomly generated codes such as "hxuopl" in smart contracts and external library structures that do not comply with standard Smart Contract codes are detected.