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What is AvaxTech?

AvaxTech is a project that develops utility-based smart contracts, web applications, Telegram bots, and API endpoints for developers for the Avalanche AVAX blockchain.AvaxTech products aim to analyze and evaluate tokens within the Avax ecosystem and offer reliable trading advantages to Avax investors. Not only for investors, but AvaxTech also provides API endpoints and similar utility-based developer products for Avalanche blockchain developers.
The main reason why we chose the Avax blockchain is the high demand for technology in the Avax blockchain, the increase in Scam tokens, the inadequacy of analysis tools, and the lack of resources for developers and investors.
AvaxTech Official Staff Consists of 5 People. There are currently 17 people working for us, including Freelancer and Volunteer community members. Check our Team Page.

How Does the Ecosystem Grow?

AvaxTech constantly generates returns through marketing and other services through the products it develops. Our income report for November - January is above +200 Avax. Our current profits are used to grow the AvaxTech ecosystem and the future of ATECH Token.
When using AvaxTech products, no personal information or private wallet information that may cause harm to users is requested! You can use AvaxTech products reliably.


What is ATECH Token?

AvaxTech $ATECH Token is a Utility Token on the Avalanche blockchain created for use in the AvaxTech ecosystem and products.
You can buy AvaxTech through the AvaxTech Finance DAPP or the Traderjoe DEX Platform. Tap to Buy on Traderjoe, connect your Wallet and purchase ATECH Tokens. Watch the video How to Buy $ATECH Token?

What is ATECH Contract Address?

AvaxTech (ATECH) Token has a single smart contract address and is located on the Avalanche C-Chain! 0x9988a27919e8872b24f2ccb1991bf0297b68a470
Yes. ATECH Token smart contract/ownership renounced.
Yes. ATECH Token liquidity is locked for 9 Months using the UncxNetwork platform. The lock period will be extended before unlocking.
ATECH Token Tax is 0%.
We aim to bring investors together with reliable tokens by offering beneficial products for investors and developers for the #AVAX ecosystem. Thanks to Avaxanalysis.com and @AvalancheAnalyzerBot, which we have been developing for 5 months, we have detected +2K SCAM tokens!

We work to protect Avax investors and make Avax better. $ATECH Token is used in all our products. To benefit from Avaxanalysis.com Premium features, you must use $ATECH Token. Revenues from Avaxanalysis.com and AvaxTech advertising products are permanently used for AvaxTech products and $ATECH.

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