AvaxTech Charity AvaxTech Charity Program is a donation program in which you can participate voluntarily. You can support AvaxTech by volunteering to support the AvaxTech organization, contribute to listing fees, contribute to product development payments, and much more.

Charity Program For Better Avax Chain.

❤️ Thanks for Support

The Charity Program is not mandatory! The Charity Program, created with the belief in the philosophy of 'Strength in Unity,' is intended to be supported by the community to allow for additional developments outside the standard development process of AvaxTech and ATECH Token. Any support you provide to us will be used for the development of AvaxTech and ATECH Token. You can transparently track the Charity wallet. You can view within our community how we will allocate the funds we collect.

Avax C-Chain
Charity Wallet: 0xabAcA9fC22eCBA47B5C22E11F1B384396C3353b1
You can send to our wallet address (Avax C-Chain) shown as Charity Wallet.
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AVAX Balance
2.15 AVAX

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0x9b...1df2 ❤️ 0x04F3...f360cb 0.10 AVAX
0x35...dbeb ❤️ 0x0d21...365958 0.15 AVAX
0x13...817e ❤️ 0x0d21...365958 2.00 AVAX