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AvaxTech has been established since November 2023 to develop many useful products for the Avax chain. AvaxTech, which has gained a large audience with its first product @AvalancheAnalyzerBot Telegram analysis bot, has succeeded in improving the Avax token ecosystem and protecting Avax token investors against SCAM tokens by detecting 96% of SCAM Tokens.

Following the release of its first product, the Avaxanalysis.com Web Analysis platform, AvaxTech has become a valuable organization not only for Telegram communities, but for all Avax communities and investors.

On January 22, we launched $ATECH Token to be used in the entire ecosystem of AvaxTech products we developed. AvaxTech $ATECH Token, which attracted great attention in a short time, became a brand in the Avax ecosystem and began to be preferred by thousands of investors for the newly added Avax tokens to the Avax ecosystem.

With real purpose and utility, ATECH Token is a payment and utility token across the entire AvaxTech ecosystem. The use of ATECH Token has become a requirement for the use of all products developed by AvaxTech.

Monk Founder and Dev. Lead
Hello, I'm Monk,
I've been in the #cryptocurrency world for 8 years and I've been making Web3 software for about 4 years. So far, I have taken part in more than 100 projects for product development and idea consultancy.
Meet the Monk.

AvaxTech Team/Helpers

The AvaxTech team consists of members who aim to provide community
benefit and assist in its management with support from community members.
Founder and Development Lead
SMM and Community Lead
Scout and Customer Auditor
Business Relations Leader
Turkey Helper and Avalanche Whales
Turkey Helper and Avalanche Whales
Flacu Martin
Spanish Helper
Turkey Helper